Speaking Topics                                                         
It’s All Good
Many of us at some point and time in our lives have encountered situations that seemed insurmountable. It is how we look at the situation that determines our outcome. Let Candace show you what the Lord has taught her about turning gross darkness into light.

Framing Your World
Are you trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B and it seems like you are never going to figure it out? Are you looking for the answer to change and still haven’t found it? Maybe you have tried self help books and gone to seminars and conferences and things still have not changed. Here is a teaching that is guaranteed to point you in the right direction.

Can You Bless Me Please?
Many times we sign our own death warrants and the death warrants of others by the words we speak. What is stopping you from living the Abundant Life spoken of in the Scriptures? Are you missing out on God’s best for you and your family? Incline your ear to hear what the Spirit is saying concerning your living your best life Now!

Discovering Your Destiny
Each of us has a call and a destiny. Before you were born, God designed a perfect plan for your life. Discover your purpose, and find the power to accomplish the Lord’s meaning and objective for your life. Sandra will also bring understanding on how to recognize God’s timing and direction so you can walk out His specific plan for you—in His timing.

Dream Maker vs Day Dreamers
What is the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful? What tools does one  need in order to make their dreams a reality. Discover the secret to dreaming big and achieving BIG.

Other Topics Include:

Decision Making Skills/ Are You Deciding or Someone Else?

Managing Stressful Situations  *  Procrastination is an Ugly Word

Creating Wealth, Health and Happiness * Communication Skill Are A Must

Organizational Structure for Dummies * Growth & Profitability Strategies

Dealing with personality conflicts * Work –Life Balance

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As a Keynote Speaker for  corporations, schools, churches , conferences, staff development, women’s retreats, banquets and special events, Candace ignites her messages with a unique blend of demonstrations, practical tools, touching personal stories and
side-splitting humor.