Within these pages are the tools to help you get started on living the life you always dreamed of for yourself. You have the ability to rewrite the script of your world! You can be whatever you desire to be and have whatever you desire to have.

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Whether trying to create a successful business or the life of your dreams, the outcome you truly desire is not something that happens magically. You need a clear picture of what it is and what it looks like. I have helped thousands of people to craft a vision for themselves and their organizations, and turn it into a reality!

My prayer is something on this websites enables you to reach your destiny. It is not by accident you landed here. If this is your first visit please contact me for your FREE GIFT!
God said He would never leave us nor forsake us. Yet how many of us have felt abandon by Him at some point in our lives? Maybe you feel abandoned right now as you read this.

Our greatest need is not for more information, but for a fresh revelation of who He is. He said that He would fill ours lives with abundance and joy. Does this mean we are exempt from troubles? No. It means He will be Joy to us in the midst of our sorrow.

Dr. House is a successful business owner. licensed Success Coach, NLP practitioner and Minister with over twenty-five years of experience in Corporate America. As an entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, author, media personality and consultant, Candace believes in living life to the fullest. Between coaching, speaking, and consulting, she has worked with front-line workers to senior executives and everyone in-between.
Think about the story you’re living right now. Who wrote it? Did you consciously decide to create the reality you’re living now, or was it mainly shaped by yourself, parents, friends, spouse, school, or the media? If you don’t like the story you’re living, then change the perception.

Envision how you’d write the next chapter of your story. Better yet, actually sit down and write it. Focus your perception on creating a new reality, one where you are in charge of the story of your life

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